Chart Plus

v1.25 (Jan 2023)

- App Catalog Version:
- Fixed issue where some column data is missing when aggregation is used.
- Bubble chart x-axis sort fix.
- App icon size fix.

v1.24 (June 2022)

- Bug fixes including advanced settings fix, hover on information icons, settings gear behavior, legend button behavior, tour behavior, filter settings display behavior, chart tooltip fixes.
- Chart display enhancements including pie chart limited to one axis, added axes to bubble chart.
- Improvements including PDF download title matching chart name, improved icon/text display on export buttons, headers over column types.
- Enhanced help including aggregate type descriptions, column info button descriptions.


v1.23 (June 2021)

- Updates to resolve Sharepoint REST API limitation of 100 items per call, support for working with large volumes of data.

v1.22 (May 2021)

- Support for enabling the rollup of Y-axis values
- Support for customizable threshold of rolled up Y-axis values
- Support to hide the values or group values outside the rolled up Y-axis value threshold

v1.21 (June 2020)

- resolved caching issue with automated trials

v1.20 (June 2020)


v1.19 (June 2020)

- Added support for automated trials for customers


v1.18 (May 2020)

Added support for running in trial license mode


v1.17 (April 2020)

- updated license checker HTML

v1.16 - (February 2020)

X Axis now rotated at a 45 degree angle.


v1.15 (June 2019)

 - bug fix for 16017

v1.14 (May 2019)

- Modern Page support added. Stacked columns and bars functionality added.