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Embark on a transformative journey in organizational efficiency with Org Chart Plus, our groundbreaking SharePoint customization webpart that redefines the way you visualize and engage with your company’s structure. Elevate your organizational experience with the unrivaled speed and user-friendly interface of Org Chart Plus, leaving competitors trailing behind.

Org Chart Plus is not your typical organizational chart product; it’s a revolutionary solution designed to outperform others on the market. With its swift performance, this product ensures you spend less time navigating and more time focusing on strategic initiatives. The intuitive design empowers you to effortlessly customize the organization chart to meet your exact specifications.

What truly sets Org Chart Plus apart is its advanced filtering capabilities. Configure filters for departments, job types, employee types, and office locations with ease, providing a dynamic and tailored view of your organization’s structure. Toggle between settings to display the organization chart in a way that aligns perfectly with your preferences, delivering a personalized and insightful experience.

Dive into the details effortlessly. Org Chart Plus enables you to access crucial information about each employee, including employee ID, email, phone number, and department. Take it a step further by initiating video calls, voice calls, Teams chats, or scheduling meetings directly from the platform. Break down communication barriers and foster collaboration seamlessly within your organization.

Step into the future of organizational chart customization with Org Chart Plus – where speed converges with simplicity, and your organization’s potential is limitless. Upgrade your efficiency, enhance collaboration, and embrace a new era of workplace connectivity.


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